Vapex E-Cigarette

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Vapex Main ModelVapex e-cigarettes are the best electronic cigarettes you can buy.  They have the best taste and flavor without the smoke!  A bold statement to be sure; however, since it was voted the winner of the 2013 e-cigarette taste test, you can be sure it will taste like your regular cigarettes.

Vapex is the only e-cig that can say it has the power to match regular store bought cigarettes. An e-cig is an electronic, battery powered cigarette than can be smoked anywhere because it doesn’t produce smoke, it produces vapor. The cartomizer (the flavor cartridge) heats up and produces a vapor. The vapor has the nicotine in it for you to inhale.

There are many reports about e-cigs, but they have not been around long enough for any person to know if there are any side effects. Everyone who has tried them likes them and they say they are great for giving up regular cigarettes. They don’t have the chemicals like store bought cigarettes, nor do they have tar, carbon monoxide, smell, or ashes. They make a great way to give up smoking without giving up smoking. Smoke Anywhere

When you order your first starter kit from Vapex, you receive everything you need from the carrying case to the cartomizer and battery. You also receive two different types of battery chargers and a bottle of e-liquid. You only have to purchase them once and then refill the e-liquid when you run out.

Vapex comes in different flavors to please any taste. They can even be used by non-smokers for the taste since they come without nicotine, just great taste.  All you have to do when you receive your starter kit is to put them together and inhale the perfect taste.

They taste as good as regular cigarettes, plus, they cost many time less than store bought brands of cigarettes. The major advantage is you can smoke anywhere you want from the bathroom to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

You can use Vapex e-cigs to quit smoking, or use them with regular cigarettes. If you have respiratory problems, Vapex e-cigs are perfect for clearing out the lungs and becoming healthier. Your respiratory system may become clear in less than a year.

E-cigarettes are 100% legal; they come in several flavors with nicotine or non-nicotine, and keep your body from developing diseases from the chemicals in regular cigarettes.  Right now you can get a starter pack that is equivalent to 55 packs of regular store bought cigarettes. Order this limited time offer and enjoy the full flavor of your favorite cigarette.

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