Vapex E-Cig Review

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Vapex Main ModelVapex e-cigarettes: Best Tasting E-cigarettes

Although Vapex is a newer e-cig it won the 2013 e-cigarette taste test; you can be sure that this e-cig will satisfy you. It is convenient to use and economical because unlike other e-cigs this one has a refillable chamber. E-cigs are a much better alternative than smoking regular cigarettes because they do not have all of the extra chemicals that are found in cigarettes. Vapex e-cigarette is an electronic vaporizer which is battery powered. Since it produces vapor instead of smoke, it can be used anywhere. The cartomizer (the flavor cartridge) heats up and produces a vapor. The vapor has the nicotine in it for you to inhale. You will notice that the vapor does not produce any offensive or strong cigarette odors.

Have You Been Trying to Quit Smoking?

Using this e-cig makes it easier to stop smoking regular cigarettes. People who have tried Vapex enjoy the smooth vaporizer. They do not have all the extra chemicals that are found in the store bought cigarettes, nor do they have tar, carbon monoxide, smell, or ashes. So if you are ready to stop smoking you should consider using this e-cigarette with a low or non strength of e-juice.  It will be a gradual process but you will not have to stop smoking cold turkey. The major benefit of e-cigs is that they taste as good as regular cigarettes but with far less chemicals. Plus, they cost many time less than store bought brands of cigarettes. Smoke Anywhere

What do you get with the Vapex E-cigarette starter kit?

You will receive everything you need to get started. The starter kit will include the vaporizer, a charger and a bottle of e-liquid. This supply should last you at least a month. Once you run out of the nicotine e-liquid you will need to buy a refill of the e-liquid or nicotine juice either online or in a smoke shop. Online you will find e-liquids made in China or in the USA. There are many brands, flavors and strengths to choose from. Because you will buy the e-liquid online you will be able to price match; saving you much more money.

Can you use e-cigs anywhere?

Use Vapex e-cigs to quit smoking, or use it indoors where you typically cannot smoke a traditional cigarette. E-cigarettes are legal to use anywhere. You can order e-liquid in different strengths to help you quit smoking. They come in high, low or non-nicotine but you will be able to decide what is good for you. Since they are not loaded with extra chemicals found in cigarettes, they are a healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Right now you can get a starter kit with everything you need; just claim you starter kit and start enjoying the full flavor of Vapex e-cigarettes.

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